About Me

First name Ursula, middle name (might as well be) "I-bet-I-can-make-it-myself", last name Carmona. Welcome to my  home! I live in Northeast Ohio just off Lake Erie, I love its beaches, but hate the snow that comes with it in the winter. I have the most awesome job in the world as a stay-at-home wife to an intelligent handsome (albeit handy-less) man, and a homeschooling mom to our three sweet girls. 
Most of the things in this house have been made by me, or drastically altered by me. I just can't leave well enough alone! I'm a handy wannabe, and a lover of all things beautiful. 
Truth be told, I have expensive taste and no money, I'm a wanna-be neat freak though my house didn't get that memo, and a blissfully bold DIY'er with a determined can-do attitude. 
Naturally I find myself a bit at a loss as to how to clean up my hot-mess house, but I'm saying "bring it on" to the challenge. I am convinced that organization is the answer to creating a lovely house, and a fantastic home, where my family can grow into an even more incredible family!
Well, here goes nothing...

So, you want to know MORE about me?
I'm a rambler. Which is why I emphasis the main point, and also another reason I blog -to spare my poor husband. I seem outgoing, but I feel awkward when I meet new people. I'm silly on the inside, but I like to seem poised. I'm old fashioned in the face of modernism, and I'm a touch cheeky in the face of old fashioned. I have just enough perfectionist in me to be miserable with my discombobulated ways. I love my  geek husband and three cute girly girls, and think home making is the best job in the world. I believe God is the utmost authority, and when there is a question, that is always why.

About This Blog:

 This blog is about the process it takes to fulfill a dream, a definite work-in-progress.
It's not just a dream home I'm trying to make for myself and my family, it's a an idea that encompasses so much more. It's about creating a space that encourages family gathering and togetherness, fosters cleanlinessordercreativitypeace, and even loving kindness.
In this process of creating, my family and I are also being created! Our characters are being built from the ground up as we develop qualities such as consistency, perserverence, patience, contentment, frugality, cooperation, and more. These are the things that truly make a home. These are the things worthy of pursuit.

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