Thursday, April 3

CD Storage

I seem to have a sudden multiplication of CD's lying around the house lately. Ugh, it's like we've never heard of an iPod (!!). Between recorded talks, and family members feeding my kids brand new music collection obsession, CD's are popping up with an alarming Tribble-like rate (sorry, my inner Trekkie emerging). I can no longer fit them in my CD "tower" (if you can call it that). So I thought it was time for a better, more attractive storage method. See those fantastic little fabric covered boxes on my newly completed bookcase (which you can read all about here)? Yep, that is my new hidden/attractive/effective CD storage!! Hey, if you have to keep them around, then why not make it less annoying to look at?

CD Storage Before
I hate to show you this... *head hang of shame*
This is how I was storing my CD's before. I can't even call this storage, it was more like stuffing miscellaneous disc's into any nook I could find. To be fair, it was mostly the kids fault. Yes, I just threw them under the bus on that one.  *cheeky grin*

With the work I've been doing on my living room, I am loathe to spend another penny...even on an organizing task. So while there are several types of CD cases that would be very nice to use, they will cost me more than a few dollars, and then I will need to purchase more storage for all those cased CD's.

For my needs, the cheapest solution, paper envelopes will do just fine. For those who may have different needs, I like the clear mostly round plastic holders.
I purchased these simple white disc envelopes from Staples, 50 sleeves for $7.79 (before rebates & coupons). These thin sleeves will allow me to pack the CD's in and get the much needed space! Truth be told, I don't use these disc's all that often, but some are computer software, or pictures from family that I'm pretty sure I'll get in trouble if I throw out.

I love these fabric covered boxes...the fabric reminds me of a suit. These are actually mini drawer boxes to an organizer I found at a thrift store several years ago. I use the drawer frame and the boxes separately for different storage purposes because I always prefer open storage.

Each box has a different category of disc's, so there was no need for me to create dividers. One is dedicated to computer software & games, one is for music & speakers, one is for DVD's, and the last is for pictures & miscellaneous disc's. 
I originally labeled them, but honestly we know which is which, so in keeping with simple decor I removed the labels and let the simplicity of an organized system speak for itself. 

Now all my disc's are neatly tucked away, never to be scratched or lost amid the mountain of CD's again!
Who doesn't love a quick and oh-so-easy organizing task?


  1. Anonymous3.4.14

    Love those boxes! I love anything that is beautiful and functional.

  2. Great post, I love the boxes and the idea of storing the cd's in there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great idea!! Very neat and pleasant on the eyes!!


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