Friday, September 14

Key Ring Pill Vial

I have such a nice little brother, and not just because he gave me this awesome key chain! Can you say "product love"? (!!) Typically I don't like key chains or anything besides my keys hanging from the ring, but this is functional and has proven very useful in a few emergencies. 

I have no idea where he got it this particular one, but you can find them on Ebay or Amazon. Google "key ring pill cache" or "key ring drug holder". 
The vials are used to store emergency aspirin, or whatever medication you might need in a bind. I already keep emergency aspirin and ibuprofen in my purse, so I decided to keep activated charcoal (in powder form), and cayenne in my vials. You're wondering why in the world I keep those two items? Here is another Google task for you: "uses for activated charcoal", this stuff is amazing! The activated charcoal is a must for people with young children.  I kept it just in case of accidental poisoning when my kids were toddlers. You know that moment when something suspicious is discovered on the corner of your munchkins mouth, but she seems fine and a little too happy? Yeah, I would sprinkle a little charcoal in their juice or milk and keep a close eye on them, just in case!   My family tends to use it whenever anyone has an upset stomach, gas, or diarrhea. Charcoal absorbs toxins, odors, and has many aware that it will also prevent any medication you might take from being absorbed while it is in the system. The cayenne I keep in case of cold or allergy induced mucous, sometimes I get this "tickle" in my throat that won't go away which leads to a lot of embarrassing  hacking, and drinking a little of this helps a whole lot! I also find it has other benefits when recovering from a cold or sore throat.
Whatever you decide to store in your vial, it is good to be prepared for any emergency! Better safe than sorry right?

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