Monday, September 3

New Kid on The Blog Block

Heh heh, I feel like the silly little chihuahua trying to "run with the big dogs". Can you see the sign around my neck that says "hello, my name is underdog. I would like to be you please."?
I am awed by what so many other home decor and organizational bloggers have accomplished! Their houses are...well, perfect, not to mention their blogs! I swear every time I open one of my favorite blogger pages, involuntary drool gathers, angelic music plays overhead, and my monitor sparkles. Aaaah, I do love a wonderful well-ordered home and gorgeous blog to display it! (All of which I currently do not have, but I'm hopeful!)

You know what is really inspiring? Each one of those people started somewhere, and better, they inspire us with their can-do attitude and assure us that they aren't perfect. So why not learn from the pros who have gone ahead of us? (Can you hear the epic music start playing overhead?). Why not take that inspiration and do more than be awe stricken? (rising slowly from the couch I'm sitting on). We all have to start somewhere, why not here and why not now? (standing on my couch now, with one arm on my hip and the other holding up my laptop)
That will be my inspiration! I will make my house a home! And I will not rest until I have shared this process with all my friends and family and inspire each one to rise up and create! (can you tell that I'm a bit dramatic?) Ha ha, but seriously, some days I am greatly inspired and other days a bit discouraged by what I see. I take each day at a time and always try to remember that the goal isn't to make a home that is straight out of a magazine page, but to create a home that me and my family can be happy and grow in

Thank you for reading, and for being understanding as I am a bit "green" at the whole blog thing...ehhhh, and the whole organization thing too.  I am just thrilled to share with you the adventure that lies ahead! 



  1. I can't wait to read through everything! I've been secretly waiting, years in fact, for you to create a blog for fellow organizers (and future homemakers) like moi! Lol


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