Monday, September 10

Tiny Master Closet

My teeny tiny master bedroom has a teeny tiny master bathroom, and worst... I have a teeny tiny master closet to match. Oh, I almost forgot, AND it has to work for both the hubster and me! Well, this is going to be a challenge! 
Here is a photo I took while the previous owners still lived here. They used this bedroom as an office and had no need of full on storage:

The first order of business is to purchase a closet system. On my budget that is no simple task, those things are expensive! Hardware stores are tricky though, they will fill the first part of the aisle with pricey name brands like ClosetMaid (*drool* aaah ClosetMaid), then carry some generic little guy hidden off in a remote corner of the aisle. Well I went searching for the little guy... (I like to help the underdogs and they like my budget, so we work well as allies). 
I found hanging strips and shelf holders for a fraction of the cost, then use the fancier brands for all the little "add-on's". 
However, I did find these Rubbermaid drawers at Walmart on super sale! I was over the moon when I saw these marked down to $5 each! I bought three, then kicked myself the following week when they were marked down to $3...I bought 5 more! (Ok, I confess, I bought all that was left).

But wait, I am getting ahead of myself... First I installed the closet system to a layout I thought would work. Then I tested it for a week, then two weeks, then I got busy and it became a way of life rather than a "test", and I swear the closet became worse than it was originally! 

Here is proof of what I can only call my "epic fail". I even drew up a set of plans, installed hooks, and purged! Yet it was still destined to be a fail. Well, I don't mind admitting that some things just need time. I finally figured out that I needed drawers in my closet to contain those piles of unsightly clothes. More hanging space would have been nice, but the drawers were a must!

Things are finally falling into place since the installation of the drawers. I still need to find a better solution to storing shoes, and there are a few fine point details that I believe will make all the difference. But it is a good start! 

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