Sunday, October 21

Hooks For Storage & Display

"Display what you love most..." I read this in a home decor magazine and it really stuck with me. Instead of trying to create a "look" for your decor, just display the items you love... the things that most reflect you. Well, I don't know that my fedora collection reflects who I am, but I sure do love them! I wear them with much gusto, whether I pull it off or not! *unabashed gleeful grin* So I opted to "store" them on display. Plus I'm fond of a wall full of hooks.

Hooks are handy, they help keep things organized, and are a great way to display my favorite things.
I have seen entire walls outfitted with hooks for displaying decor items, however I opted to install a simple row of three vertical hooks to display wearable items near my closet. The idea is to be able to hang in layers the three main pieces of an outfit, preparing for an upcoming event or outing.  

Changing Your Display
If I ever tire of seeing my wearable display, I can simply swap it out for some other fantastic hanging display. Might as well see a few of my things on the wall, and not just tucked away in my closet, right? That favorite scarf, a regularly used purse, my fedora collection... In addition, these items become quickly and easily accessible, making this display practical decor. During the week I might use my "everyday bag", but for church and special events I simply swap that purse for my "cute and compact" one on display, and presto my decor has changed. This makes your decor fluid, always replacing what is on the wall as you use it. It also makes for a seasonal display, as the things I wear or use regularly also change with the seasons. 

This idea doesn't only work for the ladies, I have often used these hooks to lay out the hubby's suit for special occasions

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