Friday, November 16

Dining Room Before & After

I thought the previous owners did a very nice job creating a very traditional and warm space, but it just wasn't me. I really did try and live with the red floral in the dining room, I just am not a floral print kind of person. It couldn't be done, I appreciate the traditional touches, but the floral has got to go.

The Plan of Action
So starting with all the pretty touches the previous owners had already put into place, I ditched the floral, and worked off their traditional inspiration.

Paint: I kept the upper wall color and trim the same, but used a coffee colored paint I found at a salvage store to cover the floral. I am still having nightmares from peeling old wallpaper (and subsequently drywall) off every wall in my last house, so after careful inspection of the floral paper, I decided it was smooth enough to paint over. I primed using the Kilz indoor primer, and the paint adhered easily after.

Buffet: There was no way I'd be able to afford the buffet of my dreams, so why not build it? You wouldn't believe what my buffet/console started as. Here's a hint, in it's final state that piece is actually up-side down. Figured it out? No worries, I'll share details.

Wall Art: I have finally created the "inspirational quotes" wall I have been wanting forever! I knew I wanted it to have a traditional flair, so this room made the perfect space for it.

Accessories: I have been collecting jars and ugly but interesting structures for such a time as this! I don't have any nice dishes, but who doesn't love the look of simple white dishes or porcelain displayed in a kitchen or dining room? Well, my kitchen doesn't have the space to make it happen, but my dining room will do just fine.

Things to Come
There are so many things for me to organize and decorate in my dining room... I'm not even close to finished. I just have to wait for the finishing touches to find me at a price my frugal soul can handle.

Furniture Face lifts: I plan to eventually give my dining set and country styled china cabinet a face lift. The dining set was a gratefully accepted hand-me-down from a family member. Of course, having a perfectly functioning albeit country style dining set in my traditional dining room does not exactly satisfy my daydreams of beautiful walnut colored reclaimed wood, stretching for what feels like miles of dining space! Oooooohhh yeah, and maybe creamy white corbels and legs, upholstered chairs...wake up girly! Anyway, my frugality will not allow me to even build that dining table of my dreams until either this one is no longer functioning, or someone takes it hostage for their own home (?? I don't even know...). Until then, I will rack my brain and figure out what can be done to help my trusty little dining set feel a little more "at home". 


  1. Hi Ursula! I found your blog by visiting one of my favorite sites: iHeartOrganizing
    I absolutely LOVE your style and I am so happy to have found your website!

    Please tell me what did you use as your buffet? I too am financially challenged and I have dreams of making our home pretty. Please share what you used for a buffet. It looks GREAT!



    1. Aw gee, thanks Yvette!
      I promise to do an entire post on it in the future, but I'll dish just for you... *grin*
      It is an upside down row of kitchen cabinets I found roadside. The Habitat for Humanity Restore is a GREAT place to find old used kitchen cabinets, then just use the upper wall units, reinforce, paint, add a top, and presto!

    2. Oh thank you! Not only is this unique but it looks great! I feel so inspired!


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