Wednesday, February 6

The Year Round Valentine

I admit it, I'm just not the holiday celebrating type. 
I heard that! Your jaw just hit the floor in disbelief...sorry! I had to be honest. Love me anyway!
I've always figured that a no-stress no-expectation approach to the holidays was  best...especially for the sake of my man! *giggle* Inevitably my manly (but oh so clueless) husband will forget, or do something that will put him in the doghouse. So it's probably a good thing I prefer spur-of-the-moment gestures as opposed to celebrated days! 
That being said, relationships require precise effort. So if it means creative planning and crafting for the sake of a great marriage, and children who to know how much I love them, then I'm willing and able!

Pinner's Gifts That Can Keep On Giving...
Soooo, if you are a Valentine fan, have you decided how you plan to show love and care to those near and dear? There are all kinds of cute ideas floating around Pinterest for the upcoming Valentine celebration, and I have to say I would love to do some of these things all year long! How about you? How do you plan to make your expressions of love last the entire year?
Let me share a couple of my favorite Pinned ideas.

Candy Pouch Valentines
My sweet tooth would love to receive candy wrapped in letters of love everyday! Read here how Kaysi from Keeping It Simple creates these sweet treat pouches. This strikes me as the perfect type of "I love you" to give to the kids! I'm making mine over the weekend...I'm so excited!! Thanks for sharing Kaysi!

52 Things I love About You
First can I just say, 52...WOW! Can you tell I've been married almost 10 years now? *chuckle* That makes this project from Visual Heart the perfect gift! Every long relationship needs that moment to remember and share all the things loved and appreciated. I think I'll save this gem for an anniversary, or maybe just because it's Monday! Read more on how to create your own here at Visual Heart's blog.

Personalizing My Own I liked this idea so much that, look! I'm making one for my hubby!  I'm going to fill it in over the course of a few months and give it to him during a tough time (after I read it and re-read it a few times first, lol!). 
We don't play cards, so after a few minutes of racking my brain, I decided to use one of my paint chip swatches! I titled mine "I Love You Because..." using a metallic silver sharpie. 
Thanks so much for the inspiration Visual Heart, it is a stroke of genius!! Now I just hope the hubs doesn't read my blog... (weird moment...what wife blogger says that??)

5 Weeks of Valentine Sentiment...and Longer!
This year why not give your relationship something a little deeper? How about 5 weeks worth of Valentine's! A friend shared this Love Language Challenge with me via Facebook...what a neat idea! We may not be big Valentine's Day people, but an opportunity to deepen our relationship for a lifetime...yes please! The hubby and I are definitely going to join this challenge. 
 The challenge starts in a few days, so grab your love and join up! Who knows, this may be your opportunity to try out some of your favorite Valentine ideas beyond a single day! See the video below for more information, then click here to join the challenge. 

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