Tuesday, July 9

Dry Erase Calendar

I've had many requests to share the rest of my Home Management Binder! I have shared the Blog Planner and the Menu Planner sections of my Home Management Binder, and today I'm eager to share the Calendar segment! 

My reusable dry erase Calendar/Planner/Scheduler operates much in the same way the Blog Planner and Menu Planner work...as a matter of fact, these three work really well when used together! Can you tell I love post-its and dry erase? maybe just a little huh? *grin* 

Calendar. Planner. Scheduler. 
The Breakdown
The Calendar is two 8.5 x 11 pages wide and is entirely dry erase friendly!
I chose to create pages for all 12 months, but because it is dry erase you could easily choose to create only 6 months (or even less!) worth of pages and still keep up with all your scheduling by reusing those pages!
Start by writing in the month at the top of the page and write in the dates. 

Then populate your Calendar using your choice of post-its, dry erasers, or washi tape!

Using Post-Its
I loooove post-its. Perhaps it is because I'm fickle... when I change my mind about what day this event is happening, or what month I want to do that activity, I peel and stick it someplace new! Easy as pie. I am also visual, and this allows me to arrange and rearrange my scheduled week seeing how  I want it to look before settling on something. 

I like to pull completed blog post stickies from my Blog Planner over to the Calendar once I have decided what date I want to publish that post. 

If you prefer, you could also pull menu idea stickies from the Menu Planner and put it in your Calendar rather than using a separate Weekly Menu Plan reference sheet.

Using Dry Erase Markers
I tend to use the dry erasers on appointments that are already set and unlikely to be changed. 
You would think that using dry erase markers meant it would be messy, but it isn't messy in the least! I use quick drying markers so I don't smudge while dragging my hand across the page, and I keep an eraser cloth in the front of my binder along with my markers. (Honestly though, I rarely use the cloth, I just use my finger...whatever).

You could dispense with the post-its and washi tape and just use dry erase markers if you desired!

Using Washi Tape
I admit I haven't yet discovered all the merits of washi tape. But I know that some of you are die hard fans, so I was curious to discover what all the hype was about and ordered a couple rolls online. So far (in addition to a couple other DIY projects), I have used washi tape in my calendar to represent business trips or vacations. It spans multiple days allowing me to jot all my vacation plans on one strip. 

Info Section
This little corner is perfect for the little extra bits of information you need for this task or that appointment. Whether it is a phone number to confirm an appointment, or an address, or any other piece of information it is nice to have a spot to ensure you get it all down. 

Categories Section
I like to be able to distinguish the different types of appointments (and thus the varying levels of importance) at a glance. So I created a category key. I apply this color coded key whether I'm using post-its or markers.

Tasks To Schedule Page
This is the cover page of my Calendar section. When I have tasks or appointments that I still need to schedule( or require action before they can be scheduled) I put them here so they are not overlooked. Once that task or appointment has been scheduled it is moved to its confirmed date within the calendar. 

Notes Page
This is the last page of my Calendar... I might as well use every page as efficiently as possible, and I often find myself jotting little extras in some random corner of my calendar, so this page has served me well!

Free Printable & Assembly Instructions
Click on the PDF or Customizable Word document options below and it will take you to Google Drive where you can print or download. Please remember that while you can directly print the PDF from Google Drive, that will not be the case with the customizable Word doc option.  You will need to download the Word document to tweak if you choose the customize option...please don't request to "edit" or "share" while at Google Drive, the customizable Word format must be downloaded to customize. To "share" simply email your friends the link!  

PDF Document (recommended)

Customizable Word Document 
(format will be altered: must choose the download option from Google Drive and tweak as necessary)

To Assemble: Print onto regular paper and set pages back to back in page order before laminating. OR print single pages at a time onto cardstock, print front then back one at a time and laminate individual pages at a time. Punch holes using a three-ring punch, and pretzo! You're done!
If you do not own a laminator I recommend Scotch brand self-laminating sheets. 

Enjoy your Dry Erase Calendar!  I hope it serves you well!


  1. I love the planner and I thank you for sharing the printables. I will use something like this for teaching and I have already made a binder for home. But how do you keep the pages from wiping against themselves? Even when mine are dry they are erasing the opposite pages when I turn pages, etc. Do you put tissue paper or something between? Are you using a brand of marker that doesn't smudge? Thanks again! Suzanne

    1. Thanks Suzanne!
      I use several brands of dry erase markers and have never had a problem with smudging, plus I use my calendar several times daily. Have you laminated both pages? Some people try to use sheet protectors but they simply do not work for something like this. If you continue to have a problem I recommend buying fast-drying smudge-free markers... I hope that helps! ;)

  2. Ahh, I used sheet protectors instead of laminating, since it's summer and my school is around the world in Abu Dhabi. That must be the issue. I'll go to the local Mardel's and laminate there. Thanks!

  3. Ursula!!! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this creative idea. I have been needing something with school starting back. I am going to attempt to get organized, but I know how that goes. Thanks again!

  4. I love this idea! I have done dry erase checklists in my home planner in the past but have had a problem with my dry erase markers wiping off when the pages are closed. I used the Avery laminated sheets but maybe it's the markers. What brand of dry erase markers do you use?? I have used 3 or 4 different kinds and they are do this. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing your ideas. :)

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I use the Board Dudes dry erase markers, but I have also used other brands (quick dry and regular) that worked great. Make sure that both pages (that touch when close) are laminated. I am not familiar with Avery's laminating sheets, but I use the Scott sheets with a laminator, and I have never had any problems. I hope that helps!

  5. I have been trying to come up with some type of home management system that would actually work for me for a long time! I just found your blog through Pinterest and I am so excited to try out your system! I really think that the dry erase/post-it system is exactly what I need for both calendaring and menu planning. I have already printed out all of your pdf's and I am heading to Walmart tomorrow to get some supplies! Thank you for these great ideas!

  6. you're a genius! in that moment, when i got here, you changed my life for ever! thank you so much!

    1. Aw gee, well maybe not "genius", but thank you! *blush* *grin*

  7. That's an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing this with us :)

    Melanie ~ www.iheartsharingthings.blogspot.fr

  8. Does the customizing not work for Google Docs? I have a mac so no Microsoft Office and would love to customize a bit! :)

    1. Hi Julia,
      Unfortunately the document has to be downloaded from Google Docs in order to customize it... I confess you have me stumped! :D I'll will have to look into it... sorry I don't have an answer right off. :)

  9. I love the dry erase calendar, and I have created one myself for my family. Thanks for the idea. I will be back often, as I love your ideas and am on the road to organization for our family.

  10. I feel like I'm comment-spamming you! I have a couple of questions: Do you use the glossy or the matte version of the Scotch laminating pouches? What size post-it page markers do you use? They seem to come in .5 x 1.75 or 1 x 3. Also, what colors do you use? It's sort of hard for me to tell on my computer. Are all of the Board Dudes dry erase markers quick-dry or do you use a particular kind? There are so many different kinds of these products, it makes my head spin! I'd love to avoid the trial and error that you've already been through :-)

    1. Lol! Well then, bring on the comment spam! ;) In answer to your questions...
      1. Definitely glossy laminating pouches... however I recommend you have them laminated as opposed to the pouches if you plan to mostly use markers, it works better with dry erase markers.
      2. This was designed to fit Post-It brand page markers/signets ( 1/2 x 2-inches). Smaller brands such as Walmart brand work too.
      3. I use any color I can get my hands on! ;)
      4. On their website Board Dudes dry erasers are claimed to all be fast-dry. I use their medium point and fine point dry erase markers. They dry quickly, and hold on strong if not wiped within a couple months or so. (still perfectly erasable, but a little windex makes it easier than elbow grease after months have passed).

      Hope that helps! Good luck!

  11. Just a tip: Fine tipped sharpies work too. You just have to clean them off with alcohol. Have a blessed one!!

    1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  12. FYI, I have found that dry erase markers tend to rub off on things that are used a lot like the calendar I am sure is. I work at a library in a middle school and we have check out cards for ipads that we use Sharpies for (the cards are laminated) and we use magic eraser to remove the sharpie when we are done with it. Works wonderfully!

  13. Chore calendar, dry erase binder calendar! I have found my goddess, I have been trying hard to get this crazy place organized, now that I am back in college, the kids have school, gymnastics, guitar lessons...etc..... Thank you soo much!!

  14. At last organization for the visually oriented! Thank-you. Setting this up was a joy

  15. How can I edit the colors of the dots on the categories and tasks to schedule sections?? Thank you so much for this! I'm a 'lay it all out in color on a calendar' girl and have made my own before, but nothing like yours. And thank you for the menu planner, absolutely brilliant!!

    1. I'm glad you like it Melissa! Sorry I didn't make that easier to alter the circles...I wanted to make sure it didn't become completely discombobulated when downloaded. The easiest thing to do is select the purple "blog" circle, copy, change fill color, and replace the other circles. Hope that helps! ;)


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