Sunday, July 21

Summer's Frugal Finds

Hooray for Summer's fantastic frugal finds and freebies! Speaking of which, tomorrow is the last day to enter the GIVEAWAY here on the blog! If you haven't entered, now is the time! You don't want to miss out on a free year subscription to, I am LOVING my subscription! You can read about some of my lists on List PlanIt here, or just enter the giveaway here:
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So where was I? ...Oh right, summer has been good to me with all manner of frugal finds and freebies. Of course, this is garage sale season, so I'm in my element hunting for those hidden treasures. 
Take a lot at these babies! I was the grateful (and a bit overly excited) recipient of some Pottery Barn throw pillows and miscellaneous decorating items priced at a dollar each! I'm telling you, garage sales in the proper areas are chock-full of lovely items just waiting to be given a happy home!

But garage sales aren't the only ways to get great deals to makeover your house. I just came back from Home Depot an hour ago with the cheapest gallon of Martha Stewart paint I've ever purchased! The regular price for this paint is between $23-$25 depending on the matte, but using this weekend's Sherwin Williams 40% off coupon (as a competitors coupon) I got my gallon for only $15!! Oh happy day! That's even cheaper than the Walmart brand I usually afford! If you are going out today or tomorrow, you can probably catch the end of the Sherwin Williams sale (or at least use their coupon like I did) can visit their website here for details on the promotion. Both Home Depot and Lowes accept competitors coupons. 

Great finds for great prices are all around us, the tricky part is knowing how to find them. I thought I'd share some of the tricks I have acquired, and I hope to hear some of yours as well! 
I'm dedicating the final days of July to sharing how to find great deals on home decorating & DIY goods, and even how to make a little "guilt-free" spending money!
Keep an eye open for those upcoming posts, and hopefully we'll save a little money and get some big style!

See you then!

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