Thursday, September 19

Unexpected Art

So, what do you think of this coat closet makeover so far? 
A new closet layout, check! Flipped storage shelves, check! Organized space...almost check. During this closet makeover I admit I am a bit distracted. Typically I love simple and streamlined, but something about the style of this closet keeps drawing me to indulge just a touch of eclecticism. I could finish organizing it now, and call it a day...but where would the fun be in that?
I adore art walls. Period. So sue me if I dream of having them all over my house one day, yes even in unexpected places!
*giggle* First I tried to justify my desire to hang art in a closet with a closed door. Then I tried to talk myself out of such a crazy idea. Then came the acceptance, I like it so I'm doing it. 

These walls just felt bare to me, so why not dress it with all those odd end frames I had? And I do mean odd end. You know those framed pictures people give you for Christmas or your birthday, the one here or one there that doesn't match any other frame you have. Yeah. Time to somehow use those guys. 
In order to bring some continuity I spray painted a few frames. But only a few... I want this art wall to be a bit quirky and eclectic, rather than too matchy matchy.
The tricky part was finding art. I'm not looking for this to be an expensive high quality art wall, so a few printed pieces of Microsoft Clip Art, and maybe a couple of my vacation photos will help get the job done. These were printed onto paper stock, and I was impressed with quality of the prints considering I printed them at 300dpi rather than the highest available dots per inch. Gee, don't you just love this stopwatch clip art?
My husband doesn't understand art. He says there is no point of having pictures of anything besides family. Oh well, I'm the daughter of an artist, what can I say? But to do something that will please the hubs, I thought this would be a good space to throw in some black and white prints of the kids, their aunties, uncles, and grandparents. He'll probably look at me like I'm crazy for putting it in the coat closet, but at least I got family pictures in! *hee hee*
About halfway through framing and hanging art I ran out of ideas but still had bare space to fill. Time to kick the creativity into high gear. When nice photographs fail you, it doesn't hurt to branch out to other ideas.
I left the glass off this piece and fastened a letter opener that seems to mean something to my husband. 

This old frame had no backing, and yes, I did just stick a hanging tag on the glass with some double sided tape. Yep, I did that. *truly "laughing out loud"*  I love how you can do just about anything and get away with it as long as it is artistic and you love it. Call it my ode to labels, because I do love labels!
Bare walls no more! Finally I feel like my coat closet is dressed. An unusual place to sport your art, perhaps...but we open those doors two times a day, and every time I feel pleasure as my eye catches all the details, even in a moment. 

Now I have no excuse, I can get back to organizing this closet. After all, it has to function beautifully, not just be another pretty face. *grin*


  1. Your art gave your closet the Wow factor! It looks fantastic..I really like the arrangement of the art.

    1. Thank you! *smile*
      And may I say how lovely it is to have you stop by! I've enjoyed quite a few of your posts! :)

  2. Hi Ursula, I came across your blog and this is my first time posting (yes, I've been a creepy quiet lurker). I was waiting for your new closet reveal and I LOVE it. The pictures made a huge difference. I can relate to your husband's reaction because I am probably going to get an eye-roll from my husband when I wallpaper our little coat closet in giftwrap. Just wanted to know - is there enough room for all of your family's coats in there? Mine's about the same size and I'm thinking about removing our hanging shoe rack to make room for more coats.


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