Friday, October 18

The Painted Vanity

The vanity in my girls Jack & Jill bathroom could use a little pick-me-up, and after looking into my budget I've decided that a "pick-me-up" is the best its going to get. Yep, I'm pinching my pennies as always...well I've only got nine other spaces I want to makeover! *chuckle*
No worries, I've seen the power of paint, and I have a little leftover paint from the coat closet makeover that wants to be used in a space where daylight can hit it. 

Sad Little Vanity Before
This vanity has been painted before, and no apparent finish added so that makes this a straight forward paint job, without the need to sand or prime. Sadly, they painted over the hinges...which try as I might I could not remove without damaging the vanity. Oh well, painted hinges it is.

My Paint Treasure!
The only real prep work I am doing is filling the holes where the previous handles were. Painting is a breeze, and I'm still loving this color even though I did not choose it. Apparently someone didn't love it, because I found it in the "oops" section at Walmart marked waaaaay down! One man's trash...

To protect my new paint finish from spilled toothpaste, kids dangling feet, and whatever else my little people can throw at it, I'm finishing this baby with several coats of a polycrylic finish. Lets be realistic, I need to be able to wipe this vanity down at least once a week. And while I'm painting, the inside needed some serious freshening up with bright white paint.

The Golden Bells & Whistles
I have always opted for brushed chrome finishes, but this bathroom was already outfitted with gold fixtures...which really lacked luster in this bathroom before. When the faucet broke I thought perhaps this was my opportunity to change out for a little silver. Then again, the shower curtain bar, the toilet paper holder, and the glass shelf are beautiful fixtures...maybe it's time I embrace the golden bells and whistles and work it!

Never mind conventional cabinet pulls, I love the style of these Gatehouse brand pulls from Lowes. It doesn't hurt that they are cheaper than traditional pulls!

To add a little extra something-something I decided to frame out the door edges with these brackets which I hope to repeated either on framed art and/or elsewhere in the bathroom. 

Speaking of golden accessories, I am SO thrilled to have inherited this awesome little piece! I have no idea where the previous owners got it from, but I just love this eclectic and oh-so-helpful hand! 

The Painted Vanity
It may not have been in my budget to replace the vanity or the sink, but that doesn't mean I couldn't have something lovely. What do you think? Is the power of paint enough for now?

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  1. That hand holding the towel is to die for! Love it!


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