Tuesday, June 10

Who Needs Art In a Laundry Room? Me!

"Oh for the love of mercy, I'm the daughter of an artist!"... yep, that was my retort to my husbands quizzical eye-brow arch at my desperate search for wall art for a laundry room. I could read the question in his eyes, why did I have need for art in a room I barely spend time with my head up in? 
Seriously? It's art, it's pretty, it makes me happy, I want it absolutely everywhere, oh and I'm the daughter of an artist so what do you expect. *grin* But there are more reasons to display art in unexpected locations; remember that it completes the feel of any space, as if the room were dressed. So don't be afraid to add that finishing touch (the yummy icing on the cake) to any space!

Prints for Less
I was busy bemoaning my poor luck at finding laundry related prints when a thought hit me... Now, I confess this thought should have hit me years ago (I had quite the "uh duhh" moment), but I suddenly realized that if I just searched for a photography book I might actually have prints to put in the myriads of gorgeous empty frames I'd been collecting over the years, and not just for my laundry room but the entire house! 

I promptly planned a trip to my local library's monthly book sale, and imagine my glee and sheer joy to find two fantastic photography books for 25 cents a piece! Well, I didn't find laundry related art, but for a quarter I think I'll get over it. 

Finally the stars were aligned...or something. That same week I was looking through Burlington's home goods department when I spied these silver frames at $3 a piece!! It was a 70% markdown! At $3 a piece I couldn't very well leave them behind, they were just begging for a home.

My trick to fit the smaller pictures from my newly acquired photography book into a medium or large sized frame? Double matte! I'm using inexpensive smaller sized mattes under the mattes that came with the frame so they will "fit in" nicely. 

I love the bit of silvery sparkle these frames will bring to my laundry room. They will go perfectly with the brushed chrome pulls I've purchased for my cabinets!

At just the right time of day, when the sun is pouring through the back laundry room door, the light bounces off the frames and all over this room casting the prettiest reflections! 


  1. The frames are beautiful with the color on that wall!

  2. Do you have a closet or something where you pile up the frames you find? I need to do something like that. I have lots of places I'd like to hang art and lots of ideas for DIY art, but I have no frames. And I'm cheap and don't want to pay much!


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