Monday, September 17

Drawer Disaster Averted

So I have a little difficulty with keeping up with laundry, it's all good. At least I put the folded clothes "neatly" in my drawers. Ehhhh...or something like that... 

Ok, so maybe my drawers could use a little TLCI swear it didn't start out this way. We used to be so happy together, we worked hard for each other... *sigh* this relationship clearly needs some work. 
I know what I need to do, but as I have been waiting and hoping for the perfect Container Store dividers to magically take a dive in price and appear at my home, I have decided to do what I can with what I have. At the very least I can rearrange the clothes in my ugly drawers to maximize space, and get in the habit of keeping them orderly once again. Rekindle that "lost love" so to speak *wink*.  Plus, this provides the perfect opportunity to purge. I mean really, who needs 19 paint stained T-shirts? Let's bring the romance back baby!

Hooray for Simple Fixes... 
As is not unusual for me, I had an "oh duhh" moment when I saw a friend employ the "upright-in sight" method. Turns out that this simple fix greatly increases the space in my drawers, and incredibly most of the clothing stands upright without incident and stays in place when another piece is pulled! So far I am loving it, although I have discovered that this method does not work for my jean drawer, I just don't own enough jeans to fit snugly enough to keep them from toppling over. I will have to figure out something different for my pants drawer (or does this count as an excuse to buy more clothes? *mischievous grin*  followed by my *"nahh too cheap" shrug*).
Finally, progress! 
The trick is to fold everything so that they are no more than 6-7 inches from top to the bottom. The more uniform you fold, the better it will look, don't be a lazy folder like me. Then place all like items in single rows. Shirts all together in one row, pants all together in another, tanks... you get the idea.

Lingerie Drawer
I was admittedly excited to find these pretty little dividers for my unmentionables drawer at a garage sale a month ago. The question is are they a functional use of space? I suppose I'll find out soon enough. They were not what I originally had in mind, but for just $2 resulting in two organized drawers, who's complaining? Not me! At least I can see everything at a glance. 
Heh heh, I replaced some of my undies with other clothing items for this picture tho', I'm a modest gal... *mock shy smile*. Hey, my undergarments aren't for the public eye!


  1. hahaha you are a trip but makes the post more interesting and not a chore...

  2. What are the drawer organizers called that you found @ the garage sale? I think it may help me organize my drawers :)

    1. Hi Tina, I'm not sure where the previous owners purchased them (there is no logo on them)... but here are a couple comparable dividers I found of similar design. Hope this helps!


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