Sunday, September 30

Pom Poms as Bedroom Decor

I'm a bit hesitant to let anything pretty hang just above a little girls bed... I can just see it now, one day I'll be walking past just in time to catch all three girls jumping on the bed to see who can reach the "prettiest one", and it will be bye-bye pretty. But 'L' has a vision, and as a savvy chick with great taste (but no kids), she is determined to create a room dreams are made of! So, I will set a series of rules, and deliver a threat to hold a valued toy hostage should harm come to the pretty ceiling pom poms, then hope for the best. My kids don't tend to be disobedient, just thoughtless, no doubt I'll have to repeat this important rule until it "sets". But in my opinion, it is well worth the effort!!

Inspiration & Where to Buy
Well, these pom poms are super cute though aren't they? 'L' took this idea straight from one of her favorite bloggers Holly, from "In The Fun Lane". Holly's room is accented with the most beautiful blues for her little girl. But 'L' knew my middle munchkin would be over-the-moon with pretty-in-pink instead.
The Pom Poms are a "Martha Stewart Celebrates" decoration. 'L' ordered them online from, but say's you can easily find them on Etsy as well. They looked easy enough to assemble, but I guess I should tell you to assemble them with a light hand because all I heard from 'L' while she was putting them together was mutterings of "grr, tore another piece". *lol*  


  1. In fairness, this is a really cool idea. I didn't realize you could use pompoms as a decor for your bedroom. Your tips definitely bring out the creative in every homeowner.

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  2. Thank you! My daughter loves them!


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