Thursday, September 27

Controlling Video Game Controllers

My hubby is a gamer...was a gamer? Or is it once a gamer always a gamer? Getting married and having children forced him into gamer retirement. Once or twice a year he pulls out the Wii for his three little "mini-me's" to play with him...they bond or whatever. I was really hoping he wouldn't pass on the gamer gene on to our girls...grrrrr, can you tell I'm kinda anti video game? I suppose I shouldn't complain over a few hours per year. Either way, it is pretty important to keep his video games and controllers stored in a way that the munchkins won't ruin them. 

Controller Conundrum: My husband is very very particular about his things, and the worst thing he could witness is seeing his controllers strewn on a table top or in a drawer with all the cords tangled together.  The girls have to learn to put them away properly once they are charged. How to do this had me stumped. For a while I drew outlines on a drawer liner, but every time they opened and closed the drawer everything would shift. So I went on a search for packing foam that could be hollowed out and couldn't find it anywhere! After a few weeks looking online and going from store to store to find the perfect (cheap) medium, I threw my hands up in frustration and went on a rummage through my own house to find an alternative. Turns out that simple 1 inch foam roll leftover from an upholstery project works perfectly! 

Simple steps to make your own:
1. Measure drawer. Leave a little room at the top and   bottom of the drawer to accommodate cords. 

2. With fabric scissors, cut your 1-inch thick foam to size. 

3. Place controllers in the desired position and trace with pen or fine tip marker. There is no need to cut a niche for the cords. 

4. Cut traced area with very sharp exacto knife. It works best if you cut at half depth first, then retrace the cut to complete.

And presto, you have a perfectly tidy, well cared for drawer of controllers! Super easy to cut, it and it took me only 10 minutes.


  1. So where do the cords go? Under the controllers?

    1. I left just about a half inch space between the drawer and the foam at the top and bottom, it creates a niche where the cords all get dropped into. Had to be very easy to care for since kids must put them back! Great question, thanks for asking! ;)


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