Thursday, January 17

Encourage Reading With The Perfect Nook

Every room should have a curl up, get cozy, never-wanna-get-up-again reading corner. I remember when I was a kid finding clever ways to hide so I could read without being caught and put to work... *chuckle* remember hiding an open book under a towel on the towel bar in the bathroom? Heh heh, I thought I was so clever, then one day I ran across my sister's book occupying my towel rack, and possibly my moms book?? Oh well. 
It seems that between the television, internet, and video games we have ruined a generation for reading and imagination. My kids are always begging to watch this, or play that online "educational" game for school, what happened to the love of a great book? Educational content or not, my kids spend more than enough time online from school alone. I'm on a mission to give them the reading bug!

The "Curl Up" Spot
If I could put a lounge chair in every room I would! Unfortunately I am not rich, so no big bedroom space and no fancy chairs. But that shouldn't stop us from giving ourselves and our children some special little something to curl up in...whether it be the perfect rocker, or a large cushion, or a bunch of soft cushy throw pillows for the corner.
Thanks to the girls' "Aunty L", the Princess Pink bedroom has an awesome
 Poang children's armchair from Ikea, and you wouldn't believe how comfortable it is! Who knew something so great could be assembled out of such a thin little box? 

Proper Lighting
This detail should NOT be overlooked! It may not be as much fun as decorating or accessorizing, but we all know how necessary it is! Please, don't skimp on a nice bright lamp!
I allow my kids to get up early (with the sun!) rather than go to bed late, but I know many parents like to give their kids the privilege of a little extra time to read after lights-out time. And of course some kids will just sneak in a quick "read" regardless! For parents who want to encourage reading at all costs, at least consider leaving a little "night light" reading lamp, or an LED book clamp light in their reading corner. 

Great Reading Materials
What is the use of creating the perfect reading area without having the perfect reading materials? I think it is important to strategically stock our kids bookcases. Keep easy/light reading right at their current reading level, as well as "challenge" books for them. We want our kids to be ever increasing the reading level of difficulty without our prodding. Sure, we do it for school, but why not let them venture out of their own accord without even realizing it? 

Reading Nook Accessories
I love the faux fur that the girls aunt 'L' bought for the Princess Pink bedroom. With something so soft you just cozy up and never want to leave!
Consider a journal and a set of pretty ink pens for your kids to keep a "blog" of their thoughts on great reads. 

Keeping It Organized
Kids bookcases are often a hot mess, especially if they have a sizable book collection! Simple items such as baskets, magazine holders, book caddies, or even bookends help keep those books wrangled. I don't clean my kids bedrooms for (and admittedly not even with) them, so keeping those bookcases tidy needs to be toddler easy!
Consider how you set up the books... sick and tired of them tumbling out of the shelf? It's just too difficult for our youngest ones to hold books upright while trying to jam the rest in... lay them face down in like stacks. My youngest knows that her coloring books go in one stack, her "church time" books in another, and big books in another. Simple, but easily kept on the shelf, and I'm teaching her basic organization tactics for her age. Other times, let's face it, you just need to streamline their bookshelf before it takes over the world like an evil villain!


  1. So adorable! I want a reading nook for me too! :) Visiting from #BloggerCity

    1. Thanks for stopping by Melissa! Lol, well who say's we can't create one for ourselves, right! :D

  2. Perfect! I love how you make stacks of books to prevent "tumbling" and how simple the shelves look. Now I just need advice on how to get my daughter to part with her hundreds of books!!!!


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