Wednesday, January 9

Making a Simple Mirror

Oh how I have longed for one of those gorgeous large round mirrors, framed in a walnut stained teak! I've been wishing for what feels like forever. Of course, that's not saying much, my wishlist is quite extensive, and I've been wishing for lots of pretty things.
Sometimes it is just not prudent to spend so much money on something purely decorative, better to find it second-hand or if possible make it yourself!  Necessity may be the mother of invention, but desire gets a close second! I have been dreaming of that mirror long enough! What was the likelihood someone would be selling theirs at a garage sale and I would be the one to find it? Right, no more day dreaming, time to work for it! 
One day, feeling fed up waiting for what was clearly going to have to be a miracle find, I grabbed a scrap piece of plywood from my garage and told it in no uncertain terms it was going to become a mirror! 
I wasn't too sure how this would play out. After all, I am not very tool endowed. Thankfully I had my little $25-jigsaw-that-could. Thank you Walmart sales!

Materials are as follows:
~One medium round mirror. Which I obtained from Joann Fabrics for $3 after a 50% off coupon.
~Two 'D' ring strap picture hangers, and medium grit sandpaper
~Liquid Nails construction adhesive that comes in a caulk tube. 
~Gel wood stain, or wood stain of choice.

Basically this is a low effort $8 project!  
The process is easy: trace to the desired shape and size, cut using a jigsaw (or a better tool if you have it!), sand and stain. After it dries, adhere your mirror to the face of your wood, leave it for the time instructed on your adhesive. Attach D-ring hangers to the back, and hang!

Since making this mirror, I have made others that are a bit more complicated in design and planning, but I love to have something rustic in every room, something with character that say's "here lives a fearless diy'er!". It may not be the most refined work of art, but in the end you will have a beautiful mirror that is all you!


  1. Love it! That seems simple enough, I might be able to pull it off. I was looking for something simple and elegant to put above the desk in my home office, otherwise known as a corner in my family room.

  2. That stain is great! Nice job!


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