Friday, January 4

Paint Chip Labels

I loooooooove labels. Hanging labels, tags, sticky labels, you name it! I am always thrilled when I find those scrumptious name brand labels on super sale, but even those can start to add up. So to save my pocket book for other fantastic things I want to buy, I started using paint chips to make my own hanging labels. 
What I love about paint chip labels, besides the fact that they are ridiculously easy to make and free (!!!), is the ability to have color customized labels! Take that, super expensive name-brand labels with only 3 real color choices! Now when you paint, pick up a few extra paint swatches. Your labels will pick up on the colors of your room!
Well, I presume the how-to is fairly obvious, but I do have a few tips and tricks to making the most of your project. 

Cutting Shapes
Use different shapes for different organizing projects. Want to try rectangular, oval, or circular labels? Use an existing label as a template, or create your own template by tracing the desired shape onto a paint strip.
Scissors work just fine for basic shapes, but use a sharp exacto knife to cut more intricate shapes or designs. If you have it, a cutting tool is great for precision shapes! 

Labeling the Label
Of course you can simply hand write your labels... but for those of us who have atrocious handwriting, that may be a very bad idea. I prefer to type up labels and print onto Avery clear labels. It allows me to change the style and design of my font without much effort! Like my labels? I love to share *grin*... These label pdf's can be printed onto Avery glossy clear 2"x3" labels, #22822. 
Punching Holes
Punch holes using a 3 hole punch for consistency. I prefer using the 3 hole punch because it has edges I can line my label up with rather than going free handed. I use a little painters tape on either side of my 3 hole punch as a guide to keeping each punch consistent.
Be creative, cut rectangular slits rather than holes for your label hanger. It may seem minor, but sometimes you can change the entire style of something by putting a new spin in a seemingly minor area.

Laminate & Backing
These are the little extra's, not musts. As a matter of fact, I have several paint chip labels that are just cut and hung. However if you want a little something special, taking the extra effort can be well worth it! You can place two of the same color or two complimenting color paint chips back to back, or adhere a backing using wrapping paper and a little glue. For a glossy upscale look, laminating can be the answer. Laminating is helpful for those labels that need to hold up under duress (say, a child'
s room), or in the kitchen around messy ingredients, this makes them sturdy and wipe-able!

Hanging Materials
Use different types of hanging materials. Try using ribbon, twine, yarn, plastic, rings clips, are only limited by your imagination. 
Change your tying style. You can attach labels by tying a bow, or like you're tying a tie, some in a nautical style. Whatever the room design your labels can help make the statement you desire!

Be Creative!
Right now you're saying "uhh girly, those are clothing dividers, not hanging labels". Well, aren't they just fancy hanging labels to divide your clothes? *cheesy grin* I'm just saying, be creative with your labels, maybe they will morph into something just as useful but better. I thought I'd take it up a notch and cut out a handle rather than use ribbon, and this is what happened... 


  1. Anonymous5.1.13

    Great idea! I think I have a TON of paint chips laying around! Tucking this little nugget into my brain!

    1. Thanks! Lol- We've got to make the best what we have laying around, right?! :D

  2. Beautiful Blog post! I tweeted it!

  3. What font are you using for those pink labels?


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