Thursday, March 14

Bold Design

Hearing from Carmel at Our Fifth House about how to be bold in our design (read the interview here), and being blown away by her incredible home, I'm more than ready to put into practice what I've learned! Plus, I've read and re-read Fieldstone Hill's series on Overcoming Design Paralysis (read my post about it here), so I'm pretty excited about what's happening here in the Carmona home. 

What about you? Are you already fearless in your design? Or do you struggle to find just the right colors and patterns? Link up your bold design to this post so we can all be inspired and motivated!

Trying Something Bold
I loooove hits of glossy black in design. I feel like it grounds a room, and adds some class...well, when done right. That being said, I admit I am a bit hesitant about trying black! Adding bold hits with pattern or throw pillows, ok, but black paint? It could be oh so wrong, but then again it could be oh so right. Shake it off Carmona, it's time to stop waffling and just do! It's paint, if push comes to shove, you can try again...and again...and again. *wry grin* 
So my first victim, my little bathroom vanity went from an ugly yellowy-white to a glossy black paint. I loved it so much that I intentionally tripped and spilled it all over my front door too. No don't worry, even though I did have an "oh noooo, what did I just DO?" moment, I did intend to paint my front door a brazen black. I can't wait to share the finished product with you! For now, take a sneak peak at my bathroom redo, and my touch of something black.

Bold Inspiration   
Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest inspirations when I want to branch out into something bold! Sometimes when we see graphic items paired with a low key room we can better wrap our minds around how to put something stunning together.

                                                             Source: via Home Made by on Pinterest

I love a great piece of fearless art. A room is never dressed without art, so why not pick up on the subtle colors of a room with a graphic piece of art?

Source: via Home Made by on Pinterest

I love the fact that a few throw pillows, some bold art, and a coffee table can create such a dramatic statement! These are all items easily changable should we discover it is a bit too much for us. So let's throw in some color and pattern, and see what gorgeous things we can do with our homes!

            Source: via Home Made by on Pinterest

I love this room. It has lots of different colors, patterns and even textures, but skillfully married together in such a way that you don't notice the very different all seems to blend so naturally together.

                             Source: via Home Made by on Pinterest

Link up your adventures in fearless decorating here: Submission will be open until the end of the month, so blog about it, and let us see what you've been learning! Link up to todays Bold Design challenge, or last week's Dare to DIY challenge.
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