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The Incredibles: Alejandra TV

You haven't seen organized until you've seen Alejandra's videos! Professional organizer with a stellar eye for creative repurposing, and she offers a productivity program? Why yes please! I promise you'll be ask hooked as I am.

I had just started a You Tube account for my (then) soon-to-be blog when I thought "hmmm, does anyone else add videos to their blogs?", well lo and behold my idea wasn't an original one... *giggle*
I pretty much marathoned her series on You Tube, then promptly told all my friends via Facebook (in no uncertain terms) that they MUST go watch right now. *hee hee* You could say I'm a fan.  
Alejandra has been featured on HGTV, CBS, and Good Housekeeping just to name a few. Enjoy the interview!

Interviewing the Incredibles Part 7:
Show & Tell

Ursula:  I love that you teach organizing via video! There is nothing quite like seeing something in action to know it works. How did you come up with the idea, and what was your very first video about?

Alejandra: Thank you!! There are several different things that led me to video. One of them was showing others that it is possible to live an organized life. The best way to do this is through video. With video you can capture things most photos can't. Plus, it's an opportunity to explain things in detail. I'm not a big fan of writing. In fact, I really dread writing. So the fact that I could explain everything verbally instead of typing at the computer was a huge plus in my head!!

My first video was my home tour which I filmed in 2011. At the time, I had no idea how to use a camera so I hired a videographer to shoot the video. The video changed my life. Not only did I learn that I LOVED to film videos, but the video got positive feedback that inspired me to continue filming more and more and more!

On top of that, the night before my first video shoot, HGTV put out a casting call looking for the most organized home in America. When I saw the casting call the night before the shoot, I literally got goose bumps. What are the chances that I'm filming an organized home tour tomorrow and HGTV is looking for organized homes?!?! When I received the final video, I immediately sent it to HGTV and they came to my house a few months later to film Clean Freaks! It was a cool experience!

Ursula: Not everyone is crafty enough to create or build organizers, and not everyone has the budget to purchase expensive organizing systems either. Is there hope for those with little time, and small budgets to get organized?

Alejandra: Absolutely! I do a lot of videos on small budget organization where I show cheap finds from the dollar store, TJMaxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls, IKEA, etc. There are cheap organizing products everywhere you look, you just have to look!

I'm also a big fan of repurposing things. For example, I have a new video coming out soon on how to repurpose prescription bottles for traveling. Most of the jars or cans in the pantry can be repurposed as organizing products. It's all about getting creative and thinking outside the box. Of course it's easiest to go out and buy all of your products, but you get more satisfaction when you're creative and find good deals or repurpose things from around the house!

Ursula: I am SO happy you shared that, I adore how creative you are in your solutions! What tips can you give someone who is overwhelmed and has no idea where to begin, how to stay on track, and isn’t even sure if there are real perks to organizing?

Alejandra: I could talk about this forever and I do inside my Power Productivity Program! lol. To sum it up, it's all about prioritizing. Your house didn't become a mess overnight and so it's not going to become organized by tomorrow. It's going to take time… a long time. And the bad news is that you’re never done! You'll be organizing your entire life. I always tell people that so in case they hate organizing, it's to their advantage to learn since it's a never-ending process. You just can't escape this stuff.

Going back to prioritizing, I always tell people to start in the space that is causing them the most pain as in frustration, stress, and anxiety. Since that's the most painful space, they'll see the most relief the fastest. And you don't have to start in the entire space. Instead, start in one corner or a small drawer and work your way around the room.

I also offer a Free Video Series for anyone that’s ready to start getting organized that gives you something to work on each day. Afterward you’re well on your way to getting organized.

Ursula: Oh I love that video series! I ran around my house trying to employ everything you taught like a crazy lady! *giggle*
As a professional organizer, you’ve taught the happy organizer, and the chronically disorganized. What kind of resources does your online course provide for both of these personality types?

Alejandra: The Power Productivity Program is for all types of personalities from beginners to advanced. The program walks you through the organizing process step-by-step all of the way from getting started to maintaining your organization down the road. In the new program update (due out this month) I hold your hand in the videos throughout the process and tell you what you need to do. I break everything down into "really easy to understand" concepts.

The program includes roughly 4 hours of video footage where I demonstrate everything each step of the way from the organizing process to how to effectively use your daily to-do list and calendar.

We cover soooooo much stuff. To sum it up, it's pretty much my organized life explained in lots of detail on video.

The program also includes two months of free access to my Members Forum which is like a private online support group where I answer questions each week, we post before/after photos, and we have member giveaways. It's the perfect place to be if you need motivation or inspiration. The forum also includes my categorized Knowledge Base of past Q&A. Every single question I've answered can be found there.

Ursula: Thanks so much for sharing Alejandra! I enjoy all your videos, and your new videos are even more organizational eye candy! *blissful sigh* Keep on inspiring and organizing us! Check out Alejandra's website here.

What about you? Are you a happy organizer? We’re all learning and creatively growing together, so nothing is more helpful than knowing you’re not alone! Come back on Thursday with tours of your organized spaces… link via blog post or video blog! I’ll be sharing the spaces Alejandra has inspired me to organize. I can’t wait!! 


  1. This interview is fabulous! I discovered her videos a while back, and I'm totally obsessed. I love the idea of organization... but it's just so dang hard to implement! Her videos and your blog posts inspire me to get my rear in gear and start setting up systems of organization in my home. Thanks!!
    Jessica (

    1. Thank you Jessica! I feel you about implementing organization! Lol! This blog is me getting into gear!
      You have a super cute blog btw. Thanks for sharing.


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