Sunday, September 15

DIY Key Organizer

Today I'm making key holders for my coat closet. I can hear my kids saying "don't they sell those things at stores Mom? You're just making it because you like making stuff". Yeaaaaahhh. Have you ever gotten an idea in your head you just couldn't let go? Even in the face of a good deal, some things I just want to do myself. Does that make me weird? 

Project Materials
This project is an easy 10 minute project. In addition to your wooden frame and fabric of choice, all you need is some small hooks, cardboard, cork roll, and batting. 
One of these little frames had sadly lost its glass in a moving incident and so it seemed fated to be used as in a project of some type! 

To Organize Or Not To Organize
I tend to keep my car keys in my purse, but over the years I mysteriously seem to have acquired other miscellaneous keys I'm not always sure what to do with. So why not create an organizer for this new little collection rather than weigh my purse down? A key to the office, my bike key, luggage keys, a garage door key...(to an automatic garage??), eh, they could all use a home within my home and are not necessary to travel with.

I also like the idea of creating a pin board to store jewelry people have left at my house until they come back, my husbands cuff links (rarely ever used), and maybe my special occasion broach (which I hate and will probably never wear). 

How To Make A Key Organizer
Step One: Paint your frame and hooks the color of your choice. I opted for a flat black spray paint. Screw on your hooks.
  Step Two: If your frame has no backing, cut a cardboard to fit as a backing insert. 
Step Three: Layer your fabric, cork, and batting. Cut your layers slightly larger than the inner frame. Use the cardboard backing insert as a reference, and cut approximately 1/4 inch larger than the inner frame or backing.

  Insert the fabric/batting/cork layers into your frame. Push the edges into place, then pop the middle outwards to form a little bump on the outside.
  Step Four: Insert your cardboard backing, and trim any excess fabric or batting.
  Staple the cardboard backing. If your stapling job is as messy as mine, you might want to add a paper backing over top to hide the cardboard and ugly staple job. *grin* 
 Optionally: Take a moment to distress your frame. I "tried on" my new key organizer for a few days before deciding that I preferred them with a little character. 

See the difference between "new" and "distressed"? Everyone is different in their taste. Which do you prefer?


  1. Those are great!!! I love copying your projects! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. Am I glad to stumble upon your site. ı'm a new blogger and there's a lot of inspirations from your site. Thank you for sharing!
    This key orgabnizer is sweet and brilliant! :)
    see you around.

    1. Thank you! And from one new blogger to another, welcome! I hope you will enjoy blogging as much as I have this past 8 months!! ;)


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