Monday, September 2

Pinspired Projects - Coat Closets

I declare September to be Coat Closet Month! *grin* 
Lets face it, we can't keep the cool weather at bay forever...summer is going to end, and the coat  closet is going to see waaaay more action than I'm happy with (I hate cold weather). This month I'm giving my scary coat closet a much needed makeover and I'm looking for a little inspiration online to help get it done... 

Things I'm Looking For In My Closet
Before I get swept away with all the lovely ideas online, I thought I should make a list of needs my closet has to meet. Things I shouldn't do without, because I'm definitely going to be tempted by closets that would not meet my family's needs. Aw boo.

  1. Hanging Space: a place to store coats (duhh)
  2. Hook Space: for the kids & hubby to hang stuff, plus hats, umbrellas, etc.
  3. Storage: for gloves, scarves, shoes, reusable shopping bags, purses, keys, etc.

Lovely Closet Spaces
I have been surfing through my Pinterest boards for inspiration and I found some lovely closet spaces! I also love the idea of turning a coat closet into a mudroom closet. Check these out, I'd be happy to have any of them in my house!

*To pin images below, you can find them on my Pinterest board entitled Closets & Storage Spaces here. The original source link can be found below each photo.

I adore the simplicity and style of this closet/nook created by The 36th Avenue. What a great place to do horizontal don't have to commit to the design style on a large wall in your house, but still get the satisfaction of big style! The lesson I'm taking: go bold in your small spaces.

I love how functional this closet by BHG is. It goes that show that style doesn't have to sacrifice practicality! I also plan to use the often overlooked door and back wall space as storage.

Whether you create built-in storage, or hang ready made dividers you can achieve a fantastic closet space.

{Source: Real Simple}

Bright colors really make this closet pop. Plus I am crushing on the cubby space + hanging space achieved in such a small closet!

If I didn't have a closet, I would totally do this! I mean, it's the best of both worlds...mudroom world (which I have an obsession with), and closet world!

{Source: Better Homes & Gardens}

What an excellent use of a small space! If I can do it, I want to incorporate as many of these zones as possible in my own closet.

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