Monday, September 30

September Highlights & Happenings

Fall Who?
I can hardly believe September is over. Man, where does the time go?
I must say I am enjoying fall weather (which is weird since I hate the cold). I love the yummy flavored donuts, the gold & red leaves that pepper the landscape, and the corn mazes! Ah fall!
So why I am I shopping for summer??

(Yeah I know, I'm a bit of a wouldn't believe how heavy this stuff was! Although, I was exaggerating a bit for my little photographer who was giggling the whole time! -Thanks middle munchkin!)

Well you know how frugal I am...I'm a price matcher, a certifiable coupon carrier, a DIY'er, a roadside furniture junkie...which you've all seen on the blog, so I'm guessing you already figured out I'm cheap. But seriously, I wanted give ya'all a heads up...forget about holiday shopping, it's summer shopping season baby! I purchased a few of these exact same items at their full price at the beginning of the summer, and now they are practically being throw away by the stores ( Walmart was selling them for a pittance!)...oh if only I had just waited. Well, now I have enough pool filters to last me two summers...I'm not getting caught spending $59.82 for pool filters again next year (dude, 59.82 vs. $6 dollars for the same 6 filters!!!!). It's like a punishment for teaching my kids to swim (not to mention my water bill) *furrowed brow*. Can you believe these before & after prices? 

 Like I was saying...time to go summer shopping peeps!

Meanwhile, Back In Blog Land...
I've discovered yet another great site to add to my ever growing list of addictive sites: Hometalk! This past month Hometalk asked me to curate a board on one of my favorite topics: organization! Entryway organization to be exact...see my post here and my curated board on Hometalk here.

Septembers Cold Weather Project
Speaking of frugal projects... have you been following my newly made-over coat closet? I am so grateful to have a truly functioning closet. It was really causing me stress before. Just in case you missed it, here are a few links to my favorite projects in this coat closet, and you can see the entire reveal here.

click here to read more

Tutorial on how to create these easy build shelves and add function and style to any space!

click here to read more

Always losing your keys? No more with this key organizer tutorial!

click here to read more

Bring high function as well as high style to your much needed coat closet!
What Project Is Next?
Well, done with one, on to the next! I have so many horrid spaces in need of lots and lots of TLC I hardly know where to start. Ok, it has been a toss up between the Laundry Room and the Bathroom. I really WANT to do the laundry room...I've seen many great ideas on Pinterest. But then again with the holidays just around the corner I might end up hosting some overnight guests, and all three bathrooms need a lot of work. *Sigh* I think my head is going to have to win out over my heart this time.  
So, may I present to you my next project: The upstairs Jack & Jill bathroom, and the downstairs powder room! 

What do you think? I would have done the powder room last if it hadn't been for the special "help" my children gave me by peeling the wall paper. Brilliant *shakes head*. I'm guessing one of them got carried away with all the wall paper peeling we did in our last house before moving here, and just kept right on. 
As for the girls Jack & Jill bath, well for starters, its just not my taste, and more importantly it is not functioning well for my kids. 

Ok, I have an important do I ask this...
How in the world do you get those non-slip stickies off the bottom of a bathtub?? I mean, ew... they aren't effective anymore, maybe they were when the previous owners first put them in, but now they are just dingy and gross. If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know! I have scrubbed, scraped, and bleached until I was lightheaded, but to no avail! *my best martyr pout*

May your October be filled with mild days, corn mazes, and the beauty of fall colors!


  1. I'm flabbergasted at the whole children peeling off the wall paper thing. Golly.

    As for the bathtub stickers, you want, I assume, to remove them without damaging the tub's finish. So, as always in a situation like that, try the LEAST extreme method, then escalate if needed.

    I'd try heat first. Aim your hairdryer on one of the stickers until it's nice and warm, then try peeling it off. Once the stickers are gone, use your normal method for removing the residue. I'd start with vegetable oil, then escalate to something like Goo Gone only if needed. If the tub is porcelain, you may get away with using acetone, but I'd hesitate to use acetone on a fiberglass or other molded tub.

    Good luck. I guess if your children won't leave the wallpaper alone, I'd counsel against re-papering the walls.

    1. LOL! So am I Dorothy, so am I... You think you train your kids well, they are obedient and polite, and then they do something like peel your wallpaper and you just sit and scratch your head! :D

      Thank you for the bathtub suggestions! I will give those a try and let you know how it goes!


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