Wednesday, January 29

One Kings Lane & My Statement Chair

If I had to choose the one feature that I felt made the biggest impact on a room, it would be the the seating. There is something so satisfying about falling into a perfectly cozy, gorgeous come-hither chair. You can walk into a room, and admire it's beauty, but unless you are enveloped in comfort, it just doesn't feel homey.
So when One Kings Lane contacted me to feature a statement chair from my home as well as share their new Home Decor Resource Guide, I took one look around my house and realized (much to my dismay) that I didn't own a single good piece of seating furniture I loved. As much as I adore well designed seating, I can't say I've had much luck in the past with finding good seating... Whether because of cost, design, or the disagreement on what qualifies as "most comfortable", my husband and I had yet to find seating we both love. A big part of the fun of the Home Decor Resource Guide was learning what style we each prefer, and a little bit of the history behind each style. I learned that my ideal sofa would be the Tuxedo sofa, and that I am a bit more classic than modern in my taste in chairs.

Thankfully my luck seems to have changed, because the other day I ran across what could be my perfect corner chair at Goodwill! 

My Statement Chair (to be)
The moment I spotted it I knew I had to have it, and when I saw the $15 price tag, it was over. Now, I'm not usually keen on bringing home upholstered goods from thrift stores, but I knew I could reupholster this baby and wash the cushion within an inch of it's life! 
Look at that gorgeous tufting! I will do my best to see if I can replicate that same tufting with the new fabric!

Help Me Decide!
There are so many fantastic things I can do to update this classic chair, and I have three fun upholstery options I'm hoping you'll help me choose between! The fabric choice will also help me choose what finish I should do on the wood and caning, if any at all!

Which do you think I should choose? Cast your vote here:


  1. I like the muted fabric. I don't like "show-off" that demand attention. Everyone should work together and be part of the team, not be the HOT DOG of the team.

  2. We have that exact same chair. I picked it up at our local Salvation Army (wonder store) for $3. Ours has lovely Antique Brass colored ball castor wheels. Its beautiful, and comfy! I vote either 1 or 3. I would use 3 in my home (I am a total sucker for grey). Not to mention I made our bedroom curtains from the same fabric- Richloom?- in a different colorway so clearly I am drawn to the pattern too.

  3. Hey Carmona! I love LOVE the chair, I voted for #3 the more muted. However I wanted to offer my "decorating" advise, most diamond tufted chairs are dome with solid fabrics as the print will become extremely distorted when tufted, and it will not look pleasant. If you HAVE to use one of the three then #3, but I would opt for a solid fabric, a textured one even- like a silk, silk-look, velvet, linen, duck, etc etc. then make a small pillow in a print like #2, or two small/narrow bolsters in a fun, vivid print like #2..... lust my 2 decorator cents/sense. Cannot WAIT to see the makeover! Holly

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