Tuesday, February 4

Pinspired Living Rooms

The blogosphere is chock full of gorgeous living rooms... sadly none of them are mine. Well not yet anyway.
It is ironic, I've spent all my time on the little rooms (closets, bathrooms, laundry room, etc.) because I just haven't been inspired when it comes to my main rooms. Of course, when you have a ratty couch with holes in it, it is hard to be inspired. Now that I'm ready to give my living spaces a little TLC I'm also ready to look at other peoples beautiful spaces and be inspired rather than pick sadly at my old couch. *wry grin* *shrug*

Some Gorgeous Inspiration

This first picture is from the talented Julia Ryan, see her entire show stopping home here. Tell me this couch doesn't say statement! It takes skill to work a curvy couch into a rectangular room...oh to have a sensational piece of furniture! Admit it, this is where many great rooms begin, with fundamentally great pieces!

I love bold color, patter, and texture that work together. I can't say that I'm naturally bold, if I manage to bring anything bold to my space it will be after along drawn out fight with myself. This family room from House Beautiful proves that color is not our enemy and if we are afraid of it we may miss out.

This photo is from a blog that is new to me Cuckoo 4 Design and am I glad I stumbled across it! How pretty is this room?! I think I'm in love with grey's, blues, and silvers. I know I know, last month it was a passionate affair with gold...do you think I'm ready to go back to silver? We'll see... *saucy smile*

I know this is not a picture of a living room, but I have a piano in my living room and am in need of piano styling inspiration. This decor by Emily A. Clark (and the photo) is absolutely stunning. Occasionally I hold the laptop up in front of my own piano wall so I can imagine this is my house. *chuckle* *blush*

Who says small spaces can't be stylish? Michelle from Iron & Twine has taken a simple palette and created a beautiful living space. This space really feels homey to me, not stuffy or over stylized...I feel like I would be very comfortable walking into this space and having a cup of tea with her. That is a feel worthy of creating!

See more inspiring living spaces via my Pinterest board. And please remember to pin these gorgeous photos from my Pinterest board or from the source! Thank you! 

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