Friday, February 7

Chair Happy...

Ladies and Gents, we officially have a Living Room! Because without great seating, you just don't have a living room. 
Remember a week ago when I said I didn't have much luck with seating in my house? Well it seems my luck has changed. Oh happy day! I joined a local Facebook garage sale group and I've been on cloud 9 ever since. No seriously, I'm so happy I've broken out in song, dance...dude I did the moon walk last Sunday when I got my dream couch. Be glad you weren't here to see that, my kids were wide eyed. *giggle* 

My Dream Couch For $400? Pinch Me!
My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw this couch listed for $400 on Facebook. Yep, I said $400!!! Yes, it had a few stains I had to get out, and a couple tiny ripped seams in the upper back corner, but I've already repaired them. I discovered muscles I never knew I had cleaning this couch...turns out the Rug Doctor works better than the YMCA...who'da thunk? 

Choices, Choices...
Not only did I manage to score a fantastic couch, I found two swoop armchairs via Meijer online for under $100 each. I wasn't particularly fond of the print, but to pay $100-$300 less per chair, I'll sew a cover for them and call it a day. Then I found these awesome mid-century modern chairs via the Facebook garage sale group for $30 each! Now I have this tough choice:

I like a classy transitional look, but I'm all about shaking things up a little and being my eclectic self as well. I love the swoop armchair, but I'm leaning pretty hard toward the mid-century modern chairs in this particular space. The mid-century mod chairs are undeniably the most comfortable chairs we own, plus it looks more natural next to the couch. The swoops will lock this room in as traditional, and almost makes it feel more show-roomy and less live in. I think I may put the swoops in my sitting room or possibly dining room as they are a bit "stiff" looking. 
I can't believe that inside of a one week period I've gone from icky couch, and no chairs, to style  making seating! 
This living room has hope now people! Next I have some ideas about art and lighting...


  1. What a deal on the couch...which I love, btw! I can't believe you scored mid-century chairs for $30!! I say, go with your instinct. Mid-century chairs would be my pick, no question...gorgeous!!!

  2. great deal on the couch! I'd go with the Mid-century chairs... Definitely more relaxed.

  3. Loved the Mid-Century chair! It adds some personality to the room.


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