Monday, April 21

Vacuum Decor?

One day I would love to know what it feels like to put my vacuum away. Vacuums should be designed to look like a decor accessory, because mine is always out...and yet, my floors never stay clean for longer than a few hours a day. I'm serious, I rotate the vacuum between rooms, one day I vacuum my bedroom and the hall, the next the girls rooms, the next the living areas, and back to my bedroom again, but somehow the mysterious carpet imps keep my floors looking like they were never cleaned. At this stage in my life I feel like giving up...and admittedly some days I just throw my hands up and say "meh, no one is coming over anyway". Inevitably those are the days someone drops by. 
I've also resorted to a cause and effect punishment; making it the girls task to vacuum and pick up the little bits of paper and hair and who-knows-what-that-was... after all, they are the perps in this maddening case of the missing "clean" from my floors. Yet, those floors will not stay even remotely tidy for more than a couple hours.
There must be a solution. But what could it be?? This ad reads "girl seeking suggestions", anyone have any?


  1. After living in an apartment with wall to wall carpeting, I swore we'd never make THAT mistake again! Laminate is great for us now, all the dust etc collects under furniture or inout of the way corners, which is a) easy for the roomba to take care of and b) out of sight of guests! ;)

    I can recommend a roomba if you don't have lots of cords or small things laying about, and if your furniture sits right on the ground or has at least a 12cm clearance

    1. Oh I'd love to have wood on my floors! I'll have to keep that in mind for the next house I suppose. :D Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I hate to do this, but I will reply back later to this. This woman placed curtains around her bay window area and behind each set her cleaning tools are mounted to the walls. I want to give her credit but it will take me a bit on pinterest to sort it out. But yeah, really big, well placed drapes could hide an upright vac. A folding screen (or half of it) hinged to the wall so it could fold back and forth easily could keep it covered. I'm sure you could commission someone on Etsy to make a vacuum cozy. lol


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