Thursday, March 21

Organize Me Pretty

Andrea from Simple Organized Living really broke down the principles of having an organized life in Monday's interview (read it here).
I love the idea of having a wonderfully organized house and life, but when it comes to where the rubber meets the road...well, good intentions sometimes fall a little short. Sometimes we need to take a moment to recognize the importance of organizing our lives. Then we can be motivated to do what it takes. One day I sat down and wrote what organization meant to me, and here it is in short:

Ok, now please allow me to expound:

Organization is more than the sum of our orderly cupboards, drawers, and other spaces. It is the careful and precise preparation of our spaces, of creative solutions, of determined efforts, and all our habits in a way that leads to the cultivation of good time management, financial responsibility, the best parenting we have to offer, healthy living, and accomplishment of that which makes our lives, and the lives of those we touch, just that much better. 

Clearly I can't wait to share all my organizing endeavors, I started an entire blog just to share! *wink* But I won't take up this  post sharing my organized spaces and habits, you'll see enough of that every week! However I want to do something extra special for this link up. Today is more than a link challenge, it is going to be a link round-up!!! 

I have started it out by linking up a few of my favorite organization tips and spaces from around the web! 
Before you link please remember to select the category that best fits your organizing link, and include a descriptive title under "name". Then grab a feature button while you can! The code will no longer be available when the link-up ends. Collect all 7 special edition feature buttons by linking up to the entire Incredibles Series found here! See the next interview in the series "The Incredibles: Clean Mama" here.

Home Made by Carmona button

Building Habits of Order

This is your "self help" section... link up all those posts that provide tips & tricks that help the "organizationally challenged" become organized people! 

Time Management

The hardest thing for some of us to organize is our time. Link your posts on productivity, time management, prioritizing, 

Organizing Kids

Gaaaahhhhh! Anyone with munchkins knows what a challenge this is! We need all the help we can get. Link like crazy people...I'll read every one... twice. 

Healthy Living

Let's face it, meals don't make themselves, and fitness doesn't just happen. It takes intentional effort, so let's share organizing tips that help us get it done!  

Money Management & Business

If there is any area to be very organized it is in the area of finances and our means of gaining it. Link up all your tips to keep us financial & business savvy... from budgeting, to wallet organization, to couponing, to efficiently organized work spaces, to online planners, to...well, you get the idea. 

Free Organizing Printables

While many of the other categories may have posts that contain printables, link them up here again, just so we know! 

Organized Spaces

This is your general category, so go wild! I want to see every room, drawer, nook and cranny that you have made orderly. 

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