Monday, May 27

For The Love of Plano Boxes

Ahhh, there is nothing better than seeing small things organized in clear containers with dividers. It is positively yummy, so when one of my fav organizers Alejandra Costello shared how she organizes her nails and batteries, I thought "oh duhh, why haven't I already done that?". Sometimes, it's the obvious that eludes me *airhead moment?*. 

Organizing your little things in plano boxes is the perfect afternoon organizing project. Short and sweet, but leaves you feeling a great sense of accomplishment! 

Purchasing Plano Boxes
A couple quick tips when purchasing plano boxes: 
1. Search different departments of the store for the best plano storage. Sometimes the bead & sewing department will have what you are looking for, but the fishing and tackle department will have something cheaper. The hardware department will often have better adjustable plano options, and occasionally I'll find something in the office supply department! Scour the store before choosing. 

Organizing Picture Hanging Tools
From hooks and sawtooth hangers, to rubber grips and command strips...keep everything you need to hang a picture or decorative accessory all together in one storage container. Rather than running back and forth to find something that works better, everything can be right there with you while you work on dressing your walls! 

Organizing Batteries
Nothing is worst than searching high and low for several elusive packages of varying sized batteries. It seems like everyday someone is asking "mooom, my toy isn't working again, where can we find the AA batteries?"..."Honey, I need the size C batteries, I found the D's and the AAA's, but where is the package of C's???" ... blegh! I don't know. I never know. Well darlings, now I always know! The battery storage box stay's in one place, and if some munchkin hijacked it and it isn't were it belongs, at least this huge box is easy to find and all the sizes are all together! I used a regular large sized plano box, but only because I found a bunch at a thrift store for a steal. If you are purchasing a storage box for your batteries, I suggest you go online and purchase one specifically designed to fit batteries upright. It is a better use of space, and money!

Organizing Nails
Again, not having to run back to the garage to find a different size nail for my projects is...well, just plain old smart! It saves time and money, and although I salvage everything I can, it is important to be able to see just what I have at a glance so I'm not wasting money buying things twice over.  

Organizing Screws
I organize my screws, nuts, bolts, and washers in separate storage boxes as well. It is helpful to keep them organized by size and type when you use them frequently or salvage them.

Organizing Miscellaneous Bits
You know all those miscellaneous little parts you're not sure where to put, or there is only a few (if not one) of a kind? Yep! Create a "hardware junkie" plano box storage! I am creative, which means that not all of these parts will be used as intended but will solve some problem, and I am always happy I kept it!

Buy A Carrier
You can usually buy plano boxes + carrier in the hardware or fishing section of your store, and it is worth the extra couple bucks if you have lots of planos! 
Keeping your plano boxes containing companion materials together is helpful! If I store my nuts, bolts, and washers separately, then I will need to carry them all together when tackling a project that requires all parts. 
The handle folds down flush with the box when sitting sideways, then can easily be swung out when carried upright.

So go, take a moment to organize your little things that are easily lost. Those beads and crafty bits, your screws and hardware, batteries, a junk drawer! Any and every thing you can think of!


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    Great article, thanks for the tips. Antonella

  2. I love your organizational tutorials! Thanks for sharing.


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