Thursday, April 10

Hostess Gift: A DIY Basketful of Spring

Looking for the perfect hostess gift for that Spring party or Easter dinner you've been invited to?
I saw these gorgeous wire bags via Pottery Barn (currently no longer available), and thought it would make a lovely hostess gift! 
Even better, you can make 3 or 4 wire bags yourself for the cost of one roll of hardware cloth ($8-$14), rather than spend the $18- $25 per wire bag via Pottery Barn (depending on the size). 

(via Pottery Barn)

I love the idea of stocking these wire bags with everything one would need for a romantic picnic indoors. Crackers and cheese spreads, sparkling drink, chocolates, biscotti...whatever makes for a nice little evening in for your host and hostess. 
Another option would be to make a bigger heartier basket an entire family can enjoy. Fill it with things for the kids and parents to enjoy together as a family, or maybe something they can break out for the party itself....hostess choice. 
Making these baskets is much easier than you would think. It takes a moment to gain some "technique", but it is as simple as folding and weaving together two pieces of hardware cloth. The nice thing about making your own DIY wire bags (besides the oh-so-cheap cost) is being able to customize the size, shape, and color to your liking without spending more. 

Materials: All you need is a roll of hardware cloth from your local hardware store, some wire clippers or shears, and roll of picture frame hanging wire. 

Follow my tutorial for making wire baskets which can be found here. The only changes you will make is if you are using hardware cloth with smaller squares, then you need to use picture frame wire rather than the thicker galvanized steel wire. It allows you to more easily maneuver while can also skip a few squares during the weaving process since they are so small.

One thing I don't show you in my wire basket tutorial is how to make these twisted handles. It is as easy as it looks! Simply twist together two pieces of galvanized steel wire (use the wire that comes with your hardware cloth, used to keep it wrapped up). Then thread your handle through one end of the basket and twist closed, and then the other end.

Once you are finished making your DIY wire bag, then comes the fun part! Decorating and filling it with goodies! You can weave some twine into your basket, or weave pretty ribbon around the handle for an extra festive touch.

I like to use a little moss or grass as an organic element to decorate with. It really lends that air of spring to it!

You are only limited by your creativity! I wanted to make a longer wire bag for french bread, one for a sparkling drink, and one for whatever whim came my way.

Perhaps you aren't making these as a hostess gift, maybe you are the hostess, and you want to create a pretty little spring vignette as a centerpiece for your dinner party. 

You could fill your baskets with floral and organic elements. Create your ideal centerpiece that brings all the beauty and fresh scents of spring! Ahhh spring. 

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