Monday, April 7

My First a HomeGoods Store

I stepped through the automatic doors, took one look around me and whispered "oooooh noooo, I've just been taken AWESOME". I know, I know, I'm a nut. See, I've never been in a HomeGoods store before and I guess I had partially expected a shop of antique like trinkets and furniture a grandmother would buy. What was I thinking?? Well now here I was, standing smack in the middle of the doorway, mouth agape, taking in the breathtaking beauty of what could only be my dream shop. I positively floated down the aisles, pausing to ooh and ahh at the pretty goods, then OOOH and AHHH more loudly when I looked at a tag.
I know, I'm a bit melodramatic when it comes to home decorating, but give me a break, I've been pinching my pennies and patiently waiting 10 years to make the house of my dreams! I look for every deal I can get my paint stained little fingers on. 

I'm working on my living room makeover, and boy is this budget a tight one. Well, you were asking where I got these gorgeous baskets you saw during the bookcase makeover reveal. And now you know, for once I sprang for a little something-something for muah! The big basket was $16.99, and the smaller one was $11.99.

How awesome are these? They are perfect for holding my big fabric bolts, and wrapping paper. No more leaning them in random corners of my house then bolting around trying to remember where I left that particular paisley. And if you didn't already know, I'm a huge sucker for pretty wrapping paper...and not because I'm a big gifter (my friends will tell you I'm not), but because they are fantastic for a variety of craft projects. Speaking of which, I also found several cute wrapping paper rolls at HomeGoods.

I'm also excited to have found a pair of 96" curtain panels for half price! Yes, that is $12 for long curtains that will frame the sliding door from my living room to my deck perfectly! *contented sigh*

Hey, in case you were wondering, HomeGoods did not put me up to this, I just thought you'd get a kick out of hearing my first ever HomeGoods experience. I mean, what warm blooded woman doesn't enter a strictly home decor store until she's 31?  *emphatic head shake* Its just not natural. Ok, but it was necessary...I needed to be sure we were complete debt free and had a savings before I introduced myself to kryptonite. Ask me in a few months if we still have a savings... *joking*


  1. I do love Home Goods, but don't have one anywhere near me. I've only been in 2 or 3 times, but dream of the day there is one closer. ��

  2. I love Home Goods, and I am a Grandma.

    1. Lol! Yes indeed, set me in my place!!

  3. I can't believe you have never been to a home goods! I am obsessed and have decorated practically my whole who with the help of home goods. You are in trouble now that you have seen the dark side. :)



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