Tuesday, August 26

5 Glam Ways To Organize School Supplies | She Knows

This month my round-up article for She Knows was spurred by the panic of "school is right around the corner"! Whether you are a homeschool mom like me, or send your kids off in style every day, we've all experienced the frustrations of kids coming home from school with a project due and not being able to find the supplies needed to finish the project! How is it that out of all the materials we buy in preparation, they end up in corners of our house, broken under foot, and never where we want them to be? It is the great mystery of having kids.
Well I'm on a mission to figure out how to organize those supplies in a way that reduces chances of them being lost, and is attractive enough to blend in with the decor of my house!

Read more here... http://www.sheknows.com/home-and-gardening/articles/1047011/glam-ways-to-organize-back-to-school-supplies

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