Monday, February 25

Interviewing The Incredibles

Whenever I need a little inspiration and motivation I surf over to the blogs that first drew me into the wonderful world of creative blogs. 
These are the blogs of those I like to 
call "The Incredibles". They are the superheroes of the decorating, diy, and organizing blog world! And guess what? They will be stopping by Home Made by Carmona for an exclusive! (do I look a little flushed, because I'm feeling a little star struck! Hey, you have your movie stars, I have my bloggers...don't judge!)

Every Monday will feature an exclusive interview with these incredibly talented bloggers:

March 4th...Sarah from The Ugly Duckling House teaches us how to rock diy and power tools! Read it here.
March 11th...Carmel from Our Fifth House shares the secrets of bold and beautiful design! Read it here.
March 18th...Andrea from Simple Organized Living will whip our homes and our lives into shape! Read it here.
March 25th...Becky from Clean Mama is here to help us clean up our act! Read it here.
April 1st... Ashli from Mini Manor Blog will share the how-to's of green living! Read it here.
April 8th...Jen from I Heart Organizing will be stopping by to tell us how she created such a successful blog and business is a few short years! Read it here.
April 15th...Alejandra of Alejandra TV, a professional organizer and video blogger will share the secrets only professionals know! Read it here.

But wait, the party has just begun. You can get in on the action!
Come link up your fantastic projects each week, and share what you've learned! Every following Thursday will be all about you. Get inspired by the Incredibles, and share via link-up or Facebook.  
I'll see you then! 

March 7th…Get inspired by The Ugly Duckling House and “Dare to DIY”. Link up your diy’s large or small! Link here.
March 14th...I’m sharing how Our Fifth House taught me “Bold Design” . Come link up your past bold design, or blog about how Carmel inspired you as well! Link here.
March 21st... “Organize Me Pretty” by taking advice from Simple Organized Living, then link up your organizing projects! Join the round-up here.
March 28th... It’s almost that time of year when we “Spring Into Cleaning” . I’m sharing the results of 31 days of following Clean Mama’s fantastic advice! Plus, Becky is sponsoring an amazing giveaway at this link-up! Read more here.
April 4th... Mini Manor blog schools us on“Living Green” , how have you been inspired to go green? Link up here!
April 11th...Are you “The Orderly Blogger”? IHeart Organizing gives us the tools, now let’s share how we’ve been inspired, and link up our best blogger tips and tools! Read more here.
April 18th...Alejandra.TV is always giving us a “Show & Tell”. Now it’s your turn! Via video, or via blog post, join me in sharing tours of spaces in your home Alejandra has inspired you to get organized! Link here.


  1. Awesome idea! So glad you added it to our link party directory. We look forward to helping you promote it :)

    Shasta @

  2. Wow Ursula, this is a great idea! Looking forward to linking up!

    All the best,


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